2022 Diwali Gift Guide: Perfect Cookware for gifting

2022 Diwali Gift Guide


Diwali is around, and planning a perfect diwali gift for all your loved ones that is useful to them is a challenging task. 

But, we are here to help you out. To choose perfect gift ideas for your loved ones this diwali we are here with the perfect cookware for gifting that can let your loved ones know you care for them. 

Looking forward to knowing the best cookware products for Diwali gifting? Make sure to check out this post till the end.  

Perfect Cookware Ideas For Gifting

At Avias World we have the best kitchenware options in every section, but here we are going to pick up some of the best cookware ideas you should move forward with. 

1- Riara Gold Casserole Set: 

2022 Diwali Gift Guide

Looking for a product that can actually be used by your loved ones after getting it as a diwali gift? Well Riara Gold Casserole set by Avias World is the best available option for you.

There are a few reasons to pick this product, 

  1. This kitchenware product made up of stainless steel which states it’s durable
  2. It can help you keep your food warm for a long time
  3. It provides value for the money you spend. 

Benefits of this product: 

  • Made of high-quality food-grade Stainless Steel

  • Retains Temperature for both hot and cold food

  • Double-walled Puff insulated

  • Made of SAIL/ JINDAL coil

  • Twist lock for easy closing

  • Easy Grip handles on both sides

  • Preserves nutrition for a long duration

  • The price of this product is between INR 3766. 

2- Triply Combo II


Avias Triply Combo II is one of the best and most robust cookware combinations you should definitely check out. This package combines a saucepan, frypan, and a kadai developed using triply technique.  

  • Triple Layered Body of the saucepan, frypan, and kadai
  • Inner layer - 304 Stainless steel
  • Middle layer - Aluminum
  • Outer layer - 430 Stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel casted stay cool handles

This kitchenware combo comes at a price of INR 5432. 

3- Festive Combo I:Cooking pots

Looking forward to the perfect Diwali gift for your friends and family? If yes, then at Avias World you are also offered a few gift combos and one of the perfect combo as a Diwali gift is festive combo I, within which you would be able to get two casseroles made up of high-quality food grade stainless steel. 

  • Made of high-quality food-grade Stainless Steel
  • Gold PVD coating in Riara Gold casserole
  • 24 carat Gold painted on etched design in Emerald casserole
  • Retains Temperature for both hot and cold food
  • Double walled Puff insulated 

One casserole comes with Gold PVD coating, while the second option comes in a general design. This festive combo I is available at INR 5341

4- Platinox Combo II:

Cookware set combo

Are you looking for a Diwali gift that consists of a variety of gift options? If yes, then Platinox Combo II is an ideal option for you, within which you would be able to get 2 casserole, 1 frypan, 1 inbox kadai, and 1 cockpot. The best part is all these products are robust and highly durable, secondly they are made up of quality food grade stainless steel. 

All the 5 products are made of good quality food grade stainless steel making it highly durable and rust resistant. The glossy finish gives these kitchenware an elegant look for cooking as well as serving food. 

This festive combo is available at INR 3157. 

5- Student’s Combo:

Tiffin combo

In case if you are looking for the perfect gift to someone who is in school right now, then our student’s combo is the perfect idea for you. Within this combo you would be able to get 1 premia water bottle along with 1 freshia round lunch box that comes with a lunch bag. 

This makes the perfect combo and gift idea for students. This lunch box and water bottle combo is available at INR 878

We hope that you loved the cookware gifting ideas for this Diwali. 

Check out more cookware and gift options on our official website Avias World

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