Avias Lunch Box For Your Kids That Will Keep The Food Warm This Winters

Do you know what the biggest problem kids and office going people face in winters? 

That’s a cold lunch because of the temperature in the winters. 

Cold lunch not only tastes bad, but it can also lead to a number of health problems. And we know that no one wants their kids or family members to eat cold lunch or get sick. 

That’s why we have brought to you Avias stainless steel lunch boxes available on Avias World that can help you keep the food warm in winters for a long time

Let’s discuss everything about the stainless steel lunch box in the coming sections.


Avias World  Lunch Box To Keep Your Food Warm

Although a number of companies claim that the food remains warm in their stainless steel lunch boxes, it doesn’t turn out to be most of the time. We at Avias World, have taken up the responsibility to fulfill the promise we make.

Let us have a look at the various Avias Lunch Box options you can choose from: 

1- Freshia Round Lunch Box:


If you are looking for a round shaped lunch box that looks good, keeps your food warm for long hours, is microwave friendly and offers an outer protection cover, then Freshia Round Lunch Box is the perfect option for you. 

You can get this stainless steel lunch box for office and school from Avias World for INR 499 .    

2- Freshia Horizontal Lunch Box

This is the same stainless steel lunch box but with a different shape, in this case you would be able to notice a horizontal cover within which you will get food grade stainless steel made tiffin boxes within which you can store your food and vegetables easily. 

Freshia Horizontal Lunch Box comes with the outer cover. You can get this stainless steel lunch box at INR 517.50 .  

3- Poly SS Lunch Box

Are you looking for a compact, easy to handle and store food grade stainless steel based lunch box for your kids? If yes, then Avias Poly stainless steel lunch box is the perfect option for you. 

It is highly durable and you would be able to keep your food warm for long hours easily. 

You can get this steel tiffin box at INR 397.50.  

4- IVY Lunch Box

Here is Avias World’s one of the most popular stainless steel lunch boxes which is the IVY stainless steel Lunch Box that comes with a premium lunch box design in addition to high-quality food grade stainless steel containers and locks that keeps your food safe, easy to carry and warm.. 

You can get Avias World’s IVY steel tiffin Box at INR 720 .  

5- SQR SS Lunch Box

Here is Avias’s other most sold lunch box which is the SQR stainless Steel Lunch Box that comes with a compact lunch box design, its lock mechanism is very similar to IVY lunch box and is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel that keeps your food warm and safe. 

You also get an inner plate with Avias SQR stainless steel lunch box. 

You can get Avias SQR stainless steel lunch box at INR 397.50 from Avias World.  

6- Rexa SS Lunch Box

The next lunch box option which is similar to SQR SS Lunch box, the only difference is it comes with a different design. Within this lunch box you also get a stainless steel plate to build a diversion between the food and vegetables. 

You can get this Avias Lunch Box at INR 422.50 from Avias World.  

7- Octa SS Lunch Box

Here is the final lunch box option by Avias which is again a similar option to Rexa SS Lunch box, the whole lunch box is made up of high-quality food grade stainless steel. You can get this lunch box at INR 390 from Avias World.  


This was all about the Avias Lunch Box options for your children that will keep the food warm this winter easily. 

To check out more such products by Avias you can visit our official site Avias World.
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