How to enhance the functionality of your kitchen?


Kitchen functionality


Do you dread walking into your kitchen at times? Or think that cooking meals or cleaning the kitchen are a hassle? Perhaps all you need to do is organize your kitchen a little to increase its functionality. We’ve curated a list of some expert tips just for you

1.Set Up Working Areas
    work area


    To make it easy for you to navigate through the kitchen, divide it into different workstations. For example, assign a specific area for cleaning, for preparation before you begin cooking, and finally, for storage.

    This method of assigning areas for a specific function in your kitchen allows you to be more organised organically. You would naturally clear out your sink to store the kitchenware  in your storage unit; you would avoid cluttering your preparation station as you would need it soon.

    2. Keep The Working Station Clutter-Free

    Keeping areas clutter-free within the kitchen is especially important if you have a limited amount of space. As when smaller kitchens are dirty, it is especially noticeable. Optimize your kitchen space by always keeping it clean.

     Ensure that all storage containers, cooking utensils, cutlery, etc., are always off the counter.

     This saves you time as you won’t have to clear out the cooking or preparation areas before you begin work. This can also help you avoid any accidents while cooking since you’ll have an empty station in front of you.

    3. Keep Some Items Handy
      Handy items

      But when we say things are off-limits from the counter, we don’t mean everything. Keep some things that you constantly need close to you.

      Store herbs, salt, and commonly used spices out on your cooking station so that you can always find them handy while cooking. You could also keep a stand with essential tools, such as knives, spoons, and other cookware accessories handy, as one often needs them while cooking.

       Additionally, keep some of the frequently used utensils close to you. For instance, a pan and pressure cooker  are used almost daily in Indian cooking; keep them handy. Doing this can make your kitchen significantly efficient. 

      4.Go For Open Storage Options
        Open storage ideas

        While people often go for storage units, cabinets, and lofts that are closed, the opposite can help you make an efficient kitchen. Opt for open-planned storage spaces . This allows your kitchen to look much bigger than it actually is.

        Then, invest in colorful storage boxes and designer canisters to store groceries and display beautiful kitchenware accessories; it would make your kitchen more organized and pretty. 

        5. Meal Prep In Advance
          Meal preparation

          Well, this is a no-brainer. Meal plan in advance and prepare for it by pre-cutting your vegetables, pre-washing your greens, etc. Use stainless steel casseroles instead of plastic boxes to store these in to avoid contamination. This would help you make fresh meals quickly. 

          Increasing the functionality of your kitchen doesn’t always require buying high-tech equipment or getting it refurbished completely. Instead, with just a few simple steps, you can improve your kitchen’s efficiency drastically.

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