Introducing Avias Premium Cast Iron Cookware Collection

Cast iron cookware is a type of kitchenware that has been used for centuries due to its durability, versatility, and ability to retain even heat distribution. It has a rich history and remains a popular choice among home cooks and professional chefs alike. Avias Cast Iron Cookware sets are the best reliable, 100% natural & toxin-free products because they are pre-seasoned cookware and work on all cooktops like stovetops, induction, ovens, grills, and even over an open flame. Also, Avias premium cast Iron cookware can deliver delicious and consistent cooking results. Get Kitchen gifts, Christmas gifts for loved ones, New Year gifts, Pongal gifts & more this season.

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Cast Iron Deep Kadai/ Irumbhu Kadai/ Cast Iron Wok Pre-Seasoned Cookware
Made of pure cast iron 100% food-safe and toxin-free Cast Iron Deep Kadai No harmful chemical coating Even heat distribution Heat retention properties Safe to use on gas stove, induction stove, OTG and campfire Thick, sturdy and durable body with...
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How to Season Cast Iron cookware?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to season Avias cast iron cookware utensils:
  • Step 1: Clean the cast iron cookware/ vessels - Use a scrub brush or steel wool to scrub away any stuck-on food particles or rust gently.
  • Step 2: Dry the cookware - Once cleaned, thoroughly dry the cast iron cookware using clean, dry cloth or paper towels to prevent rust.
  • Step 3: Add a thin layer of oil - Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the cast iron cookware/ vessels, then use a small cloth to spread an even layer of oil over the entire interior & exterior surface of the cookware.
  • Step 4: Heat the cast Iron cookware - Heat the cast iron pan/ pot well until it has smoke and then turn off the heat to cool the pan.
  • Step 5: Cool and repeat (optional) - Allow the cast iron to cool off. It's a good idea to leave it overnight to ensure the seasoning sets properly. You can repeat the seasoning process 2-3 times if you're starting with a new or heavily rusted piece of cast iron.
  • Step 6: Maintain the seasoning - After each use, follow these easy steps to season and maintain your Cast Iron Cookware sets.
  • What are the advantages/ benefits of cast iron cookware?

    Avias Cast iron cookware utensils offer several advantages and benefits, which is why it has been a popular choice for centuries:
  • 1. Excellent Heat Retention - Cast iron cookware/ vessel retains heat exceptionally well, which allows even cooking and precise temperature control.
  • 2. Versatility & Durability - Cast iron cookware is versatile and can be used on various heat sources, including stovetops, ovens, grills, and even over an open flame. Also, cast iron is incredibly durable and can last for generations with proper care.
  • 3. Non-Stick Properties- When properly seasoned, cast iron develops a natural non-stick surface.
  • 4. Adds Iron to Your Diet - Cooking with cast iron can increase the iron content in your food.
  • 5. Natural and Toxin-free - Cast iron cookware is made from a single material without any synthetic coatings or chemicals. This makes it a healthy choice for cooking.
  • 6. Enhanced Flavors - Cast iron cookware can impart a unique and desirable flavor to food, often referred to as "cast iron flavor" or "iron seasoning."
  • 7. Easy to Clean - While cast iron does require some maintenance, it is relatively easy to clean.
  • Can you cook with cast iron every day?

    Yes, you can cook with Avias cast iron cookware every day. Cast iron is a versatile and durable material that can handle daily use for a wide variety of cooking tasks. Many people prefer using cast iron utensils for their daily cooking because of their excellent heat retention and distribution properties.

    Can I use cast iron cookware on induction?

    Yes, you can use Avias cast iron cookware on an induction cooktop but the cookware should have a flat and smooth bottom. Rough or textured surfaces may not make good contact with the induction cooktop's surface and may not work effectively.

    Which is better iron or cast iron cookware?

    Avias Premium Cast iron cookware is considered to be better than regular iron cookware for most cooking purposes. Cast iron cookware is known for its excellent heat retention, even cooking, and durability, making it a preferred choice for many cooks. Traditional iron cookware is often less refined and can be more prone to rusting and uneven heating.
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