kitchenware redefined

We Craft quality stainless steel kitchenware for you to make happy memories


We, at Avias, have one goal and one purpose—to provide all our customers with precise, high-quality, and reliable cookware for them to cherish every moment they spend in the kitchen. We are driven by passion, commitment and zeal to offer a satisfying experience to everyone using our products.


Founded by the Lodha brothers – Arvind & Bharat Lodha, Avias has been consistently offering high-quality products efficiently, without compromising on the manufacturing processes or ethical integrity. Our plan is to continue doing so and make Avias a legacy. We aim to be in all the kitchens, in every nook and corner household in our country.


We are determined to offer only the best which explains our diligent attention to the manufacturing processes, adherence to quality control standards, rigorous testing procedures, and commitment towards assured delivery of our products worldwide. We are constantly working on upgrading our entire manufacturing and distribution processes, with a promise to give you the best shopping experience possible.

What Do We Offer?

We offer high-end kitchenware ranging from cookware, saucepans, pressure cookers, triply cookware, and much more. We are also known for exquisite tableware like designer casseroles, gravy pots, and exclusive giftware for every special occasion. We assure you a happy and satisfactory experience when you shop with us
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