October's Top Stainless Steel Products

October's Top Stainless Steel Products with Avias Stainless steel cookware
At Avias World our top sold best kitchenware products name differs from last month, and you would be shocked to know that in October the most loved and sold products till now are the stainless steel kitchenware products.

The major reason behind this some much love to our stainless steel products are as follows:
  • Diwali is around and that’s why people are looking for cookware gift ideas and our stainless steel products are one of the best gift ideas.
  • Avias World stainless steel products are of exceptional quality which is loved by our audience.
  • We have placed all our stainless steel cookware products under a budget friendly range.

In this post we are going to discuss everything about our October’s top stainless steel products.

Top Stainless Steel Products: October Month
We have noticed that all our stainless steel cookware products have got almost the same love and support by our customers, but here are the top selections.

1. Stainless Steel Casserole Festive Combo I

In this kitchenware Festive Combo I at Avias World you would be able to get a package of 2 high-quality food grade best stainless steel casseroles. The first option is available in gold embedded design & color, while the second option is in general silver color.

These stainless steel casseroles are made up of double layered insulation. The first layer is of stainless steel, below that you will get puff insulation, and then you will get food grade stainless steel again.

Festive Combo I is available at INR 5,812 (price is updated as on date)

2. Inox IB Cookpot

Here comes another October's top stainless steel product which is Inox IB Cookpot by Avias World within which you would be able to get a cookpot made up of high-quality food grade stainless steel.

This product comes with a glass lid which makes this product look even more premium. You would be able to get this product in different sizes starts at INR 569 (price is updated as on date)

  • This product comes with glossy outer and satin inner finish.
  • It is made up of food grade stainless steel.
  • Comes with a glass lid that makes it look even better.

3. Riara Stainless Steel Triply Kadai

You must have seen and used various types of stainless steel kadai in your lifetime, but here we are going to talk about one of the most secure and efficient kadai which is the Riara Tri-ply kadai that comes with a triple layered body.

The biggest benefit of getting this best kitchenware product is, this kadai uses less oil for cooking food. So if you are someone who is extremely health conscious then we would suggest you move forward with this product.?

Also, the handles come with cool touch technology, so no matter at what temperature you are cooking, the handles will remain cool.
The Riara Triply Kadai is available at INR 2254.

4. Avanti Handi Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

Looking for a reliable stainless steel pressure cooker for yourself or to gift it to someone? If yes, then our Avanti Handi Outer Lid Pressure Cooker is the perfect option for you, that is budget friendly as well.

The whole pressure cooker is made up of high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel and come with SAS bottom.
This pressure cooker is available at INR 2,557.

5. 9 Square Spice Box
stainless steel spice box 9 square design features
The next option from the list is this dry fruit cum stainless steel spice box which comes with 9 slots. Within these 9 slots you would be able to store different dry fruits or spices easily. The upper section or the lid of this steel spice box has a transparent section, with the help of which you would be able to know what products you have stored in the box.

This dry fruit cum spice box is available at INR 2430.

This was all about some of the top stainless steel products from October which are being loved the most. You can even try them out, in case if you are looking for more stainless steel products then you can visit Avias World website for the same.

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