PUNJABI CHOLE RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware


Punjabi chole is one of the most popular dishes in India. No occasion is left unturned without feasting on this dish. From weddings to home parties, Chole is the most preferred and loved dish on the menu. 

So what exactly is chole? Chickpeas are soaked overnight and tossed in exotic Indian spices. A special chole masala or spice mix is prepared and can be brought either from the supermarket or made at home.

Mastering this dish is not that difficult task as today we bring to you the perfect step-by-step guide.


  • Onions - 2, finely chopped
  • Ginger-garlic paste- 1 tbsp
  • Green chillies- 2, slitted through the middle
  • Kasuri Methi- 1tbsp
  • Kashmiri Red- 2tbsp
  • Garam Masala- 1 tbsp
  • Chhole Masala- 2tbsp
  • Amchur powder- 1 tbsp
  • Tomato puree- 2 tomatoes
  • Chickpeas- ¾ cup.
  • Salt as per taste


  • Onions: low in calories but high in nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium.
  • Green chilies: reduce the risk of ulcers and prevent damage to cells.
  • Chickpeas: are full of nutrition and provide multiple health benefits like weight loss, preventing constipation, and are packed with fibre among others.
  • Tomatoes:  Reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Kasuri Methi: lowers cholesterol hence excellent for heart and maintaining diabetes.
  • Amchur: combats acidity and boosts your digestive system.


  • Heat some oil in a saucepan, add onions and sauté until golden brown.
  • Next, add all the masalas along with ginger-garlic paste and chilies and cook for about a minute.
  • Put tomato puree, salt and cook until oil starts to separate. Once it starts separating pour some water.
  • Add in your boiled chickpeas and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and butter.
  • Serve hot, your Punjabi Chole recipe is ready!!


  • Soak ¾ cup of chickpeas overnight and transfer to a pressure cooker. Add 2 tea bags, and salt. Cook for 5 whistles on a medium flame.

(Instead of using a tea bag you can add ½ cup of black tea.)

  • Heat 3 tbsp mustard oil in a pan. We suggest you use the new Avias India’s Riara Triply Saucepan, which not only consumes less oil making your food healthy but also cooks faster comparatively sparing you free time to spend with loved ones.
  • Once the oil in the Riara Triply Saucepan has been heated, add the finely chopped onions and sauté till golden brown. Add 1tbsp ginger-garlic paste, slit green chilies and cook for about a minute. 
  • Next, add kasuri methi, Kashmiri red chili, garam masala, chana masala, and amchur, and let it cook on low flame. 
PUNJABI CHOLE RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware
  • Add the tomato puree and salt. Cover it with a lid until the oil starts to separate. The Riara Triply Saucepan comes with an inside lid that accelerates the process of cooking food in the saucepan. Plus it also doesn’t allow any oil/sticky food particles to remain stuck by its advanced polish making your cleaning process so easier.
  • Once you start to see the oil separating, add a little water followed by boiled chickpeas. Mix them well.
  • Smash some chickpeas and garnish with some coriander leaves and butter.
PUNJABI CHOLE RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware
  • Give it a last mix and tadaaa- your chole is ready to eat.

Chole Punjabi can be eaten with bhaturas or paratha or even nan’s. Serve it hot and adding a lil zest of lemon will make it taste good.

We hope you found the recipe easy and do give it a try.

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