3 Things Millenials Look For When Buying Cutlery & Kitchenware in 2022

3 Things Millenials Look For When Buying Cutlery & Kitchenware in 2022 Avias stainless steel


‘Born in the 90s’ is a great catchphrase for millennials only until they realize they are hitting their 30s soon.
For them, along with new responsibilities such as finding the much-coveted work-life balance, moving out for the first time, paying taxes, etc., comes the challenge to set up a kitchen cookware and start cooking meals like a grown-up homeowner instead of making midnight noodles every day.

But aren’t millennials the generation famous for benchmarking the culture of supporting local food businesses, opting for frozen and pre-packaged foods, ordering in, and dining out?
So, how exactly does one create kitchenware sets & kitchen utensils for a generation that doesn’t cook often?

Well, the first step would be to dive deep into understanding what millennials look for while purchasing kitchenware.

1. Efficiency Is Key 
We all know just how much the millennial generation loves efficiency. And they seek the same when looking for best kitchenware products - from cookware to serving ranges.

People want daily-use kitchen cookware, such as pots and pans, which are multipurpose and long-lasting. For instance, they look for pans that are compatible with stove, induction top and are also oven-friendly.

The variety of use cases attracts them instantly. Millennials are also keen on buying stainless steel triply cookware as it is healthier and efficient. 
Moving out of the kitchen, working millennials also look for smart solutions for storing food. As a result, they gravitate towards sleek, sustainable, and efficient storage ware that can be used for years and keeps their food fresh for longer, for example, stainless steel storage boxes and jars, casseroles, etc.

2. They Love Multipurpose Kitchenware set


Avias stainless steel Kitchenware set, cookware set


    If cooking healthily and efficiently is a millennial trait, then so is harboring multipurpose kitchenware and cookware accessories.

    They love kitchenware sets that can be used in different ways, such as a cooker that can double as a steamer or a Kadai that can be used for frying and cooking, etc. This kind of multipurpose efficiency allows them to be flexible with the way they use their kitchenware.

    3. Is It Aesthetically Pleasing?
    While millennials may be new to setting up their kitchen cookware, they sure aren’t new to the idea of blogging their lives online.
    While many may not be professional food bloggers who need to do this for work, people like sharing their food with other people virtually. And that’s when aesthetics come into play.

    Sleek and stylish serving dishes and kitchenware accessories that look great in pictures are often must-haves in their kitchens. 
    Many bloggers would also invest in a good-quality stainless steel kitchen utensil set to serve their food for professional shoots as it brings together everything in a cohesive manner.
    Millennials are one of the most well-read, aware, and research-oriented generations. Studying what the market holds and knowing what they need are some of the things that they are naturally good at.

    Hence, Avias makes sure to keep up with their requirements; after all, stainless steel kitchenware sets trends that come and go are what spark the much-needed innovation in the cookware industry. 

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