5 Easy Ways To Avoid Plastic In Your Kitchen!

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Plastic In Your Kitchen with Avias stainless steel cookware


We are more conscious about our daily kitchen practices now more than ever. People are looking for healthy ways to cook food and nutritious alternatives to their favorite ingredients every day. But eating healthy isn’t the only thing that promotes your well-being.
Avoiding the use of plastic in your kitchen is the next step. While we often pay attention to the quality of the cooking utensils we use, we rarely pay attention to the way we store our food and drinks. There are multiple life-threatening disadvantages of using plastics.

Storing food and drinks in plastic storage containers and bottles can alter the taste and odor of the food. The harmful chemicals and the carcinogenic BPA-coating from the plastic containers leach into the food, causing harm to your digestive system. Additionally, plastic containers and bags are non-biodegradable, polluting the earth after they’ve been discarded. That’s a lot of damage!
So, how does one practice avoiding the use of single-use plastic in a modern kitchen where everything comes packed in plastic? Let us help.

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Plastic In Kitchen

1. Replace Your Plastic Bottles
 Plastic bottles are a common sight in many Indian households. It’s an easy and convenient way to store and carry your water around without worrying about it much. However, these plastic bottles can do more harm than good. They get dirty easily, change the taste and odor of the water stored within, and aren’t good for your health.
 Instead, you can opt for stainless steel bottles which are durable and help keep your water safe from contamination at all times. You must especially use stainless steel bottles for feeding babies, after all, they are more prone to problems caused by these plastic bottles.

2. Throw Away Your Plastic Storage Containers
    5 Easy Ways To Avoid Plastic In Your Kitchen with Avias stainless steel cookware


     One of the most used kitchenware accessories is storage containers. We all gravitate towards the storage containers available in the supermarket with an offer sticker slapped on them, but being mindful of what you store your food in is essential. Storing food in these would not just alter the taste but also cause potential digestive problems.
     You should choose stainless steel casseroles as they are a sustainable and secure storage solution while preserving the contents inside.

    3. Not All Plastic Is Bad Plastic
     But we can’t go about replacing everything from the kitchen. Not every kitchenware accessory has an alternative stainless steel product ready to take its place.

    However, not every plastic needs to be replaced anyway.
     As long as you can use a certain plastic kitchen accessory multiple times, it is welcome inside your kitchen. These can include plastic spatulas and whisks, silicone baking sheets, reusable silicone bowl lids, etc.

    4. Get Rid Of Plastic Cling Films
     One of the biggest sources of single-use plastic waste are cling films. However, avoiding these in your kitchen is easy.

    You could use air-tight storage containers, reusable towels, pieces of muslin cloth, or make your own covers using a recycled piece of fabric and some reusable elastic!

    5. Say No To Plastic Scrubbers
     While they aren’t an inherent kitchenware accessory, they are an integral part of the kitchen. Although plastic-based scrubbers are the most convenient way to clean utensils and are cheap and easily accessible, they are equally harmful. 

     They are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, causing the microbes to transfer onto your kitchenware every time you wash them.
     You could replace these plastic scrubbers with reusable washcloths, eco-friendly scrubbers, biodegradable sponges, etc.
     Effective ways of bringing positive changes into your kitchen that are better for you, your family, and the environment are all about being mindful of our daily practices. 

     Constantly educate yourself about eco-friendly and healthy alternatives to everything in your kitchen, be more aware of the things you use, and invest in better stainless steel kitchenware products in India to build a sustainable kitchen.  

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