8 Kitchenware Sets at Unbelievable Offer This New Year!

8 Kitchenware Sets at Unbelievable Offer This New Year!

Every new year, we look forward to positive changes with respect to our health, finances, relationships, and so many other things in life. We often make it a point to eat healthier, get back in shape, exercise more often, or manage finances better by avoiding eating out so often. What binds all these common resolutions is cooking nutritious and tasty food at home. And what better than gifting cookware to your loved ones or even yourself that reflects both your mood and goals this new year?

Avias kitchenware 2024 offers

Avias, the symbol of trust in the world of cookware, has come up with exclusive offers that promise savings of up to 50%. Brace yourselves for a kitchen revolution that not only mirrors the best version of you but also helps your kitchen upgrade plans, all at an unbelievable steal.

In this blog, we are revealing 8 kitchenware sets, each meticulously curated to ignite your New Year with a sizzle of excitement! The stage is set, the offers are exclusive, and the excitement is real—let the kitchen makeover begin!

1. Avias 7 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Set

Avias 7 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Set
Each year around New Year’s Eve, we make multiple resolutions to foster positive changes in life. What remains beyond our lines of thought each year is the upgrading of the soul of our homes- our kitchens. Even though premium stainless steel kitchen utensils like the ones from Avias last an eternity, it is always better to upgrade the kitchen with some sleek and classy additions. This thoughtfully curated collection includes the essentials for every home chef. The durable stainless steel ensures longevity, making it a practical and enduring Christmas gift idea for the festive season.


INR 8,410 4,205/-

2. Avias Aroma Handi Set
The three-piece handi set comes in uniquely sized handis that infuse your kitchen with the enchanting aroma of delicious meals. This set not only captivates with its unique design but also ensures even heat distribution for retaining perfect flavors. Wait, it gets better! Their mirror polish finish enables them to be a perfect serving utensil as well. Hence, these kitchen essentials are not only a major help in the kitchen but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to the dining table as well.

INR 2,650 1,987/-

3. Avias Avistar Casserole Gift Set

Avias Avistar Casserole Gift Set
It is common for kitchens in India to have a multitude of options, from gravies to dals to sabzis. It is essential to store them in a stainless steel casserole hot pot at the right temperature and environment to maintain their texture and flavors. That is precisely why this Christmas kitchen gift set is unlike any other. This steel casserole set has firm twist locks and sturdy handles making it simple to store chappatis and curries, and its double-wall insulated construction maintains temperatures for an elongated period.


INR 3,230 2,326/-

4. Avias Platinox Combo IAvias Platinox stainless steel casserole and inox kadai Combo set
Avias Platinox Combo I is curated with quality time with loved ones in mind. The sandwich bottom of the Inox IB kadhai ensures even heat distribution and retention that ensures the flavor-packed dishes remain that way, and the Platina premium casseroles with their double insulated walls ensure nobody has to be in the kitchen to serve the food hot or re-heat heat the dishes while a few members of the family enjoy a hearty meal. Truly a premium cookware set that not only preserves flavor and nutrition but also the bond between loved ones!

INR 2,725 1,965/-

5. Avias Indus 20G Hammered Food Server
Avias Indus 20G Hammered Food Server
Celebrate culinary moments without having to miss out on family time due to reheating your food. The Avias Indus 20G Hammered Food Server is a thoughtfully curated kitchen set designed to add ease to your cooking space and a touch of class in the dining area. This set comes in different sizes and keeps the food at the ideal temperature for extended periods to make sure your celebrations are not just delicious but also economically savvy.

INR 3,350 2,412/-

6. Avias Inox IB 6 Pieces Cookpot SetAvias Inox 6 piece stainless steel cookware set
Fuel your culinary creativity with the Avias Inox IB 6 Pieces Cookpot Set. Crafted with the versatility of the modern kitchen in mind, the three-piece set is a gas stove and induction-friendly. Moreover, the riveted handles, glass lids, and sandwich base make it a kitchen essential for passionate cooks.

INR 2,680 1,929/-

7. Avias Inox IB Stainless Steel Kadai Set of 4
Avias Inox IB Stainless Steel Kadai Set of 4
The happiness of an elaborately cooked Indian meal comes in different sizes, and this classy set offers a variety of stainless steel kadai sizes, catering to all your cooking needs. The sandwich bottom ensures durability, and the riveted handles make it a breeze to carry and maneuver these kitchen workhorses, making it ideal for the home cook looking to expand their culinary repertoire without exceeding their budget.

INR 3,020 2,175/-

8. Avias Cast Iron Deep Kadai/ Irumbhu Kadai/ Cast Iron WokAvias cast iron kadai
Bring the tradition of authentic Indian cooking to the forefront with the Avias Cast Iron Deep Kadai/ Wok. This versatile cookware is perfect for preparing traditional dishes and much more. Its deep design allows for easy stirring and tossing, making it a kitchen essential for anyone passionate about creating flavorful meals. Gift this cast iron kadai to infuse a touch of tradition into you’re your and your loved ones’ kitchen.

INR 2,390 1,793/-

Avias welcomes the New Year with open arms and unbeatable prices on these extraordinary kitchenware sets. Don't miss the chance to transform your kitchen into a space that feeds your inner artist. Shop now and seize these unbelievable offers to embark on a culinary journey like never before.

The combos in this article and Avias’s wide range of premium kitchenware, in general, are the results of thoughtful consideration of different scenarios of our consumers. The combos are designed for the customer who is always short on time AND for the one who loves to take their time and pay attention to every detail because the love for good food and the process of mastering a dish knows no difference between situations or circumstances.

All it takes is to invest in the right areas and do what needs to be done, and the result becomes an obvious outcome of the efforts! Sounds fitting for both cooking and a perspective of the new year, right? Invest now, and reap the rewards all year long.

Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!

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