Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Avias

Drinking water has a number of health benefits, but do you know there are plenty of health benefits of drinking water from stainless steel water bottles? 

Today in this post we are going to talk about all those amazing benefits that you can get by drinking water in stainless steel water bottles rather than the plastic bottles.

Choosing Quality Stainless Steel Water Bottles By Avias
At Avias World you would be able to find a number of best stainless steel water bottle options that come in various sizes and colors. The best part is, these insulated water bottles are made up of high-quality food grade stainless steel.

Secondly these best material for water bottles are odor free and highly durable that will help you keep your cold water cool and warm water hot for a long time easily.

Another benefit of the Avias stainless steel water bottles is the lid, the lid is air-tight and does not leak in any situation.

Health & Other Benefits of Drinking Water in Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Let us have a look at the benefits of choosing Avias World's stainless steel water bottles and flasks for your regular use:

Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Avias
  • Did you know that only about 12% of the plastic water bottles you buy are recyclable? And of that 12%, only 50% of everything we put in the recycling bin is actually recycled.

That means that the vast majority of plastic water bottles end up in our landfills, where they each take approximately 1,000 years to decompose. During that time, they leach harmful chemicals into our environment. Hence stainless steel water bottles and flasks are a sustainable option for you.

  • Stainless steel flask water bottles do not consist of BPA and other such harmful chemicals that can put your health into harm. While plastic made bottles consist of all such chemicals which are going to harm you in the long term.
  • Although the initial cost of a stainless steel water bottle is more than a plastic bottle, it is going to be a more sustainable and cheaper option in the long run. As you won’t have to buy a bottle again and again if you have a stainless steel bottle.
  • The Japanese and Canadians are moving towards a sustainable future by banning BPA, or bisphenol-A, entirely. Following their lead, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups in 2012.

Why, then, do they still allow it in plastic water bottles? Studies show that BPA is harmful for your health. Stainless steel water bottles & flasks that contain no plastics are 100 percent BPA-free.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Avias
  • Most of us say that tap water tastes better, and bottled water does not. But the thing is, at most of the places you are unaware of what type of tap water you are going to drink, hence in that case your stainless steel bottle comes to work.

This was all about some of the amazing health benefits of drinking water in stainless steel water bottles. If you felt this was informative then check our other blogs. You can visit the official website of Avias World to have a look at our stainless steel water bottles collection.

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