Best Kitchen Shortcuts That All Home Cooks MUST Know

Best Kitchen Shortcuts That All Home Cooks MUST Know

It is a preconceived notion that cooking is a time-consuming process. Especially Indian cuisines that have been pioneers of slow cooking, complex blends of spices, and challenging techniques. But 9 out of 10 home cooks in India finish their cooking in less than an hour. You can cross-check with the time your mom takes to cook for the entire family.

How do these super-humans manage to cook complex dishes in record time on a daily basis? How is the kitchen cookware set always in pristine condition, as if it was hardly used? How do they finish 4 or 5 dishes at such speed and the taste is never compromised?

The answers to these questions are not just limited to exemplary multi-tasking. These experts in the kitchen have tricks up their sleeves for every situation. Whether it is a routine meal for the family or a special 5-course meal for guests. This article explores the best kitchen shortcuts that every home cook must know.

Fear not, for we are about to unravel home kitchen shortcuts that will not only save you time but also infuse your creations with a touch of magic. From choosing the right best kitchen tools to mastering the art of quick clean-ups, these hacks are your key to unlocking a world of efficient and flavorful cooking.

  • Use Pizza Wheels To Chop Herbs
  • In Indian cuisine, the use of herbs has been personal for millions of households. In countless cases, the best-kept secrets of Indian households have been a customized blend of masalas that bowl guests over for generations. However, finely chopping those herbs and ensuring no stems or roots remain unattended, you can use a pizza wheel that not only allows you to have a better hold of the delicate herbs but a single swift cut does that job that otherwise takes multiple cuts. Use a pizza wheel the next time you have to chop coriander leaves for garnishing, or add fresh kasoori methi to gravies.

  • Choosing The Right Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets
  • While it might seem like a misplaced tip in this article, choosing the right kitchen utensils set is the best time saver for any kitchen. For instance, the best stainless steel cookware with triply construction makes cooking 2X faster providing even heat distribution, consumes less oil, and makes cleaning an easy task. The minutes saved on a daily basis can add hours to the quality time you spend with your family in the long run.

  • Clean As You Go
  • It is a common sight in most kitchens to see vegetable peels on one side of the counter, chopped herbs on the other, and spilled spices and curries near the stove. However, if you watch MasterChef on television or notice a see-through kitchen at any restaurant with 7-10 chefs working in tandem, the kitchen is always spotlessly clean and highly organized. How? They have a golden rule- Clean as you go. Just keeping a cleaning cloth and a dustbin within reach allows you to clean the mess as you move on to the next task and saves you from setting aside 15-20 minutes separately post-cooking for the most annoying part in the kitchen- cleaning. 

  • Add a Pinch of Sugar To Curries
  • It happens at least once every few weeks that you make the perfect curry or gravy, but the color is as dull as a gloomy Monday morning. The heat to cook the dish also changes the color of your masala blend, making it look like a patient’s bland food. The simple trick that can help you retain the color of your gravies is to add a few grains of sugar to the gravy right after you add your sour element- tomato puree or tamarind paste. Your dish will not just look like a professional chef made it, but it will look like it, too! 

  • Clean A Blender Without a Sponge
  • Cleaning blenders can be a daunting task, but having this shortcut at your disposal can be a game-changer. Fill the blender with warm water and a drop of dish soap, give it a whirl, and watch it clean itself. No more cleaning with sponges and still finding stains at tricky corners of the blender.

  • Give your Chutneys a Cold Treatment
  • Another common problem that Indian cooks face is that fresh coriander, mint, or other herbs lose their vibrant color once they face the grind of a blender. It is because the heat from the motor burns the paste, and as a result, it looks dull. Next, time you want to make a flavorful mint-coriander chutney, instead of adding water, add a couple of ice cubes. They will not only add water to the paste but also nullify the heat from the motor. 

  • Use a Pressure Cooker Instead of Pots
  • Bid farewell to lengthy cooking times by simply replacing a pot with a pressure cooker. Every professional chef advocates for this kitchen essential, turning hours into minutes while preserving flavors. It's the shortcut that transforms your cooking.

  • Skip Using Onions
  • While onions are an irreplaceable ingredient in the Indian kitchen, they take anywhere from 10-12 minutes to cook. Most Indian dishes require onions to be golden brown or brown before they can add the desired flavor to the dish. Just replace this with the humble spice asafoetida (Hing) to straight away save 10 minutes of your valuable time. With this shortcut, you can make delicious Jain dishes AND save time on a daily basis.

    As we conclude this journey through the world of best kitchen shortcuts, remember that every hack is a step towards transforming your kitchen sets into a space of innovation and efficiency. Avias kitchenware invites you to embrace these shortcuts, making them a seamless part of your cooking routine. The best stainless steel kitchenware, tidy workspaces, and inventive shortcuts are the building blocks of a kitchen where creativity knows no bounds.

    Armed with these kitchen hacks, let the sizzle of possibilities and the aroma of efficiency permeate your culinary adventures. Avias, your culinary companion, stands ready to accompany you on this journey. Visit our website, explore the range of precision tools and cookware, and let Avias become an integral part of your kitchen narrative. 

    Happy (efficient) cooking!

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