How to keep your stainless steel pans performing like new ones?

keep your stainless steel pans performing like new ones with Avias cookware


Whenever working with the best quality stainless steel cookware products, you need to keep extra care of those products. There are a few reasons behind it:

- Most of the best quality and performing stainless steel cookware are a bit delegate.

- Such products have been integrated with coatings that make them work fluently, hence they require extra care.

- Have seen a few people using sharp edge utensils on stainless steel pans, that leads to scratches and you’ll notice bad consequences.

But, the major question is, how to keep your best stainless steel pans perform like new ones?

If you are also having this question in your mind, then you are at the right place, as here we are going to discuss just that. 

Expert Tips To Keep Your Stainless Steel Pans Like New Ones

Being in the cookware industry for a long time, we have a number of experts connected with our brand. All the tips around stainless steel that we are going to provide you are from our experts.

Make sure to precisely check and follow them.

1- Avoid abrasive products:

avoid abrasive products

Whenever you are using or cleaning your stainless steel pans make sure that you are not using any type of abrasive product. Because abrasive products can lead to scratches all over your stainless steel cookware, hence reducing the efficiency of your product.

Instead of that you can opt for soft brushes for cleaning and a spatula for cooking using stainless steel pans.

2- Using the right cleaning method:
Not just cleaning the right way, but cleaning your products properly is also an important factor if you want to give a long life to your stainless steel pans. Let us have a look at some of the best ways to clean your stainless steel products.

RIght cleaning method
  • If you want to go for regular cleaning after cooking food in the pan then you should use soap and water for the best outcomes. Firstly wipe out all the oil residue with a tissue paper, and then clean it with soap and water.  
  • If there is burnt-out food on your stainless steel pan then you should use scrub and a stainless steel cleaner. Firstly scrub all the burnt particles from your stainless steel pan, then add stainless steel clean and clean it using an old brush. Once all the particles are removed you can clean it with water. 
  • If there are burnt food particles which are stuck with your stainless steel pan, then you should take help of boiling water. Add boiling water with a stainless steel cleaning solution, keep it at rest for 10 minutes and rinse it down with clean water.

3- Removing heat tint:

remove heat tint

One of the biggest issues faced with stainless steel pans is heat tints in the outer sides of the pan. They are developed because of daily use of that pan without cleaning it properly. If you are also facing a similar issue then you just need a big pan, white vinegar, and a sponge. 

Fill white vinegar in a big pan, and keep your stainless steel pan in white vinegar for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes use a sponge and wipe it off. You would be able to get rid of the heat tint easily. 

4- Deleting water spots:
Most of you must be thinking deleting water spots from your stainless steel pan should be that easy like deleting something from your computer. Hence we are sure after using our trick to clear water spots you will feel the same. 

Water spots are majorly faced due to not wiping water droplets immediately after cleaning your pan. So the only and simple solution to it is, wipe your pan right after you clean it with water.

We hope you must have learned a number of things about keeping your stainless steel pans performing like new ones. We discussed tips & tricks around how to keep our stainless steel cookware products clean so that they work efficiently for us.  

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