The Best Kitchenware For Under Rs 3000

The Best Kitchenware For Under Rs 3000 in Avias stainless steel cookware

The better the kitchenware products you have, the better food items you would be able to cook. 

But, the tough part is selecting the best kitchenware products and that too within your budget. That’s why we are here with a new post where we are going to talk about 5 best kitchenware products by Avias World for under Rs 3000. 

Are you ready to check out the products and let them serve you for a lifetime? If yes, make sure to follow this post till the end. 

Top 5 Kitchenware by Avias World For Under Rs. 3000

It was a bit challenging for us to select the best out of best stainless steel cookware products, because at Avias World we don’t compromise with the quality of our products. Selected products are as follows:

1- Handi Outer Lid Pressure Cooker - Rs. 2506

At Avias World we have a wide range of best stainless steel pressure cookers developed for different requirements, but this time we have to come up with our best product and that too with a limited budget. 

Hence we would place our Handi Outer Lid Pressure Cooker at the first place, because of a few qualities:

  • - It is made up of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel that makes it even more reliable and efficient. 
  • - We have integrated a gasket release system that enhances the safety factor linked with this kitchenware product. 
  • - Few larger pressure cookers do not offer the best outcome with a stove, but this pressure cooker is compatible with both stove and induction.

2- All Rounder Multi Kadai Plus - Rs. 2441

You must have heard about people commenting others “All-Rounder” but what does this mean when we are talking about a kitchenware product like a kadai.

Well the answer is, with the help of this kadai you would be able to make soft idlis, dhoklas, fry vegetables, momos, and steam vegetables, and that too with this one product. Still thinking how this one kadai can do all this?

With this steel kadai you are going to get a lot of high quality stainless steel attachments which you can use to cook various food items.

If you are looking forward to saving a lot of your kitchen space and being able to cook different food items easily, then this product is for you.

3- Dry Fruit Cum Spice Box - Rs. 1656

Are you someone who still keeps dry fruits and spices in polybags? If you said yes, then you need to upgrade yourself a bit and get our dry fruit cum stainless steel spice box that can keep all your dry fruits or refreshments or spices in a sorted and clean way.

The biggest reason you should buy this kitchenware is, it helps you keep your kitchen organized and looks clean.

4- Riara Triply Kadai - Rs. 2254


You must have seen various types of stainless steel kadai in your lifetime, but here we are going to talk about one of the most secure and efficient steel kadai which is the riara triply kadai that comes with a triple layered body.

The biggest benefit of getting this best kitchenware product is, this kadai uses less oil for cooking food. So if you are someone who is extremely health conscious then we would suggest you move forward with this product.

Also the handles come with cool touch technology, so no matter at what temperature you are cooking, the handles will remain cool.

5- Riara Gold Casserole - Rs. 1822

Have you used casserole previously and found that within an hour your food or vegetables starts cooling down< If yes, then it’s high time to get a riara gold stainless steel casserole by Avias World that helps you keep your food hot even after hours of cooking it with the help of it’s multi-layer technology.

The best part is, it retains temperature in both hot and cold temperature situations.

We hope that you liked the best cookware/ kitchenware products by Avias World under Rs 3000. In case if you are willing to purchase them, then you can directly visit Avias World website and order one for yourself.

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