MOONG DAL HALWA RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware


A delicious and finger-licking sweet dish you definitely cannot resist. Made with all healthy ingredients, your most frequently googled question about: “How to make a moong dal halwa” is to be decoded today. The perfect sweet dish for festivals and pooja. It is rich and full of proteins, so let's start with the step-by-step procedure:


  • Moong dal - 1 cup
  • Ghee - ½ cup + 2 tbsp
  • Milk - ½ L
  • Sugar as per taste 
  • Cashews - 10/12
  • Almonds - 10/12


  • Moong dal: is rich in vitamins A, B, and C along with minerals including iron calcium, and potassium. Excellent to lose weight.
  • Ghee: is rich in good fats and helps reduce unhealthy cholesterol.
  • Cashews: low in sugar, rich in fiber and good fats for the heart.
  • Almonds: high in good fats, protein and vitamin E.


  • Roast moong dal in a stainless steel kadai until golden brown. Then transfer to a mixer jar and coarsely grind it.
  • Heat some ghee in a kadai and roast moong dal.
  • Add cashew nuts, and almonds and continue roasting on low flame.
  • Next, add milk and keep stirring till no lumps remain.
  • Cook for some time, once moong dal halwa is dense add sugar and saffron milk. Keep stirring meanwhile.
  • Lastly, add 2 tbsp ghee again and cook our moong dal halwa until it starts releasing ghee from the sides.
  • Serve whilst hot and your moong-dal halwa is ready!!


  • Take moong dal. Wash it well and let it completely dry. Now roast the moong dal in a kadai and dry roast it on low flame until golden brown. We highly suggest the use of Avias India’s new Riara Triply Kadai which helps your food cook faster hence saving your money and fuel. After it becomes golden-brown, let it completely cool.
  • Put the moong dal in a mixer jar and coarsely grind it.
MOONG DAL HALWA RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware
  • Now add ghee in Stainless steel Kadai. Put the dal in ghee and roast it on low flame. While roasting it add cashews and almonds to it and continue roasting.
  • Once roasted add milk to it. Stir it and cook.
  • Meanwhile, the halwa is dense, add sugar to it and saffron milk. Stir and cook.
MOONG DAL HALWA RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware
  • Now add 2 tsp of ghee again in halwa and cook it again until halwa releases its ghee from the sides and enjoy.
MOONG DAL HALWA RECIPE with Avias stainless steel cookware

This was the most simple recipe you’d come across. The stirring part is a bit difficult but can be achieved if you keep stirring constantly with the same force for a few minutes. Moong dal halwa for weight loss is a true piece of information and you can completely enjoy it bite by bite. Sit back and enjoy this dish with your loved ones. 

Try the recipe and share it by connecting with us at @aviasindia over our social media handles. We look forward to your precious reviews and pictures.

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