How Pots & Pans Affect Food?

Pots & Pans Affect Food with Avias stainless steel cookware


What do you think are the factors that affect your food?

Well, in most of the cases you are going to talk about factors like:

- Quality of vegetables 

- Cleanliness 

- Right proportion of spices 

- Chefs experience 

But with this post you are going to come across a crucial factor that affects your food exceptionally and the worst part is we are not working on it at all. 

Want to know about that factor? That’s your pots and pans cookware. Yes, you heard it right, your pots and pans affect your food a lot. 

In the coming sections we are going to know, How?

Effects of Pots & Pans Cookware on your food

The quality and the material used to build the pots and pans you use to cook food affects your food a lot. Let’s discuss how different types of pots and pans can make the difference:

1- Stainless steel cookware:  

We all know that stainless steel is an alloy made up of iron and a mixture of few other metals. The biggest advantage of using best stainless steel cookware set is, these cookware products are extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Here’s a quick fact you need to keep in mind, if your stainless steel cookware set has been created using nickel as one of the metals, then that could be a problem for your food. Because when you cook pasta and food items like potatoes in a stainless steel cookware made up of nickel alloy, that reacts with the pot and darkens its color. 

Make sure that the stainless steel pot you are using is completely certified as healthy cookware and has been created using kitchen grade stainless steel. 

2- Aluminum cookware: 

When we are talking about aluminum cookware pots and pans, a few factors come to our mind and that is better thermal conductivity, lightweight, and affordability. You just need to make sure that your pots and pans are made up of anodized aluminum.

Also here’s another thing you should keep in mind while dealing with aluminum cookware and that is it reacts with white vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower and more.

3- Cast iron cookware:

If you are looking for highly durable cookware pots and pans then cast iron is the best option for you. Another benefit is cast iron cookware spreads heat evenly while cooking food.

It has been noticed that, if you are using your cast iron cookware products properly then they can be non-stick as well. There’s one more problem linked with cast iron cookware and that is, they don’t go well with acidic food and are a bit heavy.

4- Copper cookware: 

You all must have heard that copper is a poisonous metal and that is why it is mixed up with other metal to create cookware pots and pans out of it. While the benefit of having copper cookware products is, these products have great thermal conductivity and you would be able to cook food evenly in these products. 

Here’s a quick tip to have a look at before using a copper cookware: have a look at the metal lining of the copper product and check if there are no orange colored lines inside the copper product.

5- Clay cookware:

It is said that pure clay cookware is the best and safest material for creating cookware pots and pans. There are no dangerous toxins linked with such pots and pans, they also evenly spread the heat to cook food items properly. 

The only reason people are not investing in clay cookware is they get broken easily and everytime you would have to buy a new one, which is not that budget friendly. 

We are sure that you must have got a good enough idea about choosing the right pots and pans as your kitchen cookware products. It has been noticed that clay cookware offers the best nutritional value, but they are not budget friendly, while stainless steel products are the best from both the aspects.

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