Cook The Best Saag In Avias Pressure Cooker

Cook The Best Saag In Avias stainless steel Pressure Cooker

“Saag” is one of the most loved and eaten Punjabi dishes during the winters, it is such a tasty dish that if you don’t eat saag for at least once in the winters then you have not enjoyed your winters properly.

The worst part is, not everyone knows how to cook the perfect saag. But if you are someone who has recently bought a stainless steel pressure cooker and want to cook amazing saag then this post is for you.

We are going to discuss the steps to help you cook the best saag in your pressure cooker.

Steps To Cook Saag In Avias Pressure Cooker

Saag is one such recipes if you don’t use everything in the right proportion then you won’t be able to get the best taste of it. Hence, here we are going to have a look at the saag recipe with the proper proportions that will help you cook it perfectly.

Cook The Best Saag In Avias stainless steel Pressure Cooker

Before moving forward, let’s have a look at the required material:

You need mustard greens, spinach, radish, cleaning pot, Avias pressure cooker, garlic, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, ginger, ghee, makki ka atta, salt, red chili powder, cumin seeds to cook this recipe.

1- Firstly you would have to clean all the greens like mustard green, spinach, and radish greens. Make sure that you are cleaning them thoroughly before cooking them.

2- Then you need to precisely chop all those greens and insert them in a pot. You can use Avias World stainless steel Cookpot for this step, after adding the greens you need to add chopped garlic, onions, tomatoes, and green chilies.

3- At last you can add chopped radish and ginger as well. After which you need to mix them all.

4- Transfer everything to your Avias World Pressure Cooker and add 1 cup of water in it, then cook it in the pressure cooker until 4-5 whistles.

5- After that you would have to make a puree of cooked greens. You can either transfer it to your mixer grinder or you can use a puree maker machine that will help you make the puree within the pressure cooker only.

6- Add salt and red chili powder, then transfer it to Avias stainless steel Fry pan and saute it on low flame. Make sure to add enough ghee in it to give it the Punjabi taste & feel.

7- In the next step you need to get makki ka atta/Maize flour and add it to ¼ cup of water. Mix it well then pour the mixture in the saag. Mix everything and make  sure it does not form lumps in the saag.

8- Here is the final step where you would need to make the tadka/tampering  for your saag.

In a stainless steel frypan add ghee, onions and red chilies. At last you can add cumin seeds. Saute it and mix the tadka with your saag properly.

Your punjabi style saag recipe in Avias Pressure cooker is ready. Serve it hot with rotis or naans.

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